Best Backpacking Tent Buying Guide

Here are factors to keep in mind when shopping for your backpacking tent.

1. Weight

When it comes to hiking tents, weight is the most important factor to consider. Your tent will be one of the biggest objects in your backpack, so keep it as light as possible.

However, you should note that lightweight tents are typically more costly and less durable. They will, however, survive for large distances and many years if properly maintained.

2. Cost

Although not the most important, the cost is also worth considering. You should be prepared to invest a little extra for high-quality compact tents because they result in more comfortable and pleasurable outdoor journeys.

3. Size

The other factor to examine is its size. Generally, hiking tents are available in various sizes. When selecting a hiking tent, look for one that has a good combination of room, weight, and mass. The size is also important to consider depending on the number of people intended to sleep in it.

4. Durability and Weather Resistance

Durability and weather resistance are two other important factors to consider. If you are hard on your gear or frequently backpack in severe, exposed circumstances, investing in a more durable tent is probably a good idea.

Every tent has a threshold, and minor abrasions may be quickly repaired. However, if long-term endurance is one of your top priorities, it is generally best to go with a dome that is a little more robust.

Stronger tents that can withstand poor weather typically weigh a little more, but they shed harsh weather readily and endure a lot longer.

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