Rain Jacket Recommendations for 2022

In such a crowded market, so it might be tough to locate the ideal rain jacket. However, there are many low-cost coats that will keep you dry and comfy.

There are several excellent alternatives built with fit, mobility, and comfort in mind. So you do not have to put up with a constricting or plasticky rain jacket.

In milder weather, a lightweight jacket that takes up little space in your pack is all you need to give essential protection. If the prediction is for continuous rain and you will be wearing the jacket for the bulk of your travel, a light-mid weight jacket may be worth the extra weight for a little more security.

When you want to reduce weight to a minimum, ultralight raincoats are ideal. However, bear in mind that lighter fabrics typically wear out faster.

For regular wear or if you plan to go into exceptionally difficult terrain, durability, convenience, and weather resistance may be more vital than weight savings.

When you want to keep cool while on the run, search for rain jackets with vents and pocket zippers.

1. Ozonic by Mountain Hardwear

If you value comfort above all else, the Mountain Hardwear Ozonic is the gear for you.

The stretch fabric is comfortable to the touch and lends the jacket a relaxed, unfettered feel that allows for free movement.

You will also like how smooth the material is. Even with the hood up, you can really breathe and feel comfortable!

The Ozonic offers all of the features we seek in a rain jacket, including hand compartments, pit-zips, and lightweight. As a result, it is suitable for almost any activity.

2. Patagonia Torrentshell

The Patagonia Torrentshell is among our top raincoats since it is inexpensive, sturdy, and fits well.While it is not as compact and portable as some, we have used it frequently on camping excursions where we expected inclement weather.

Its reinforced triple-layer structure is particularly protective in heavy rain while being lightweight on your skin. The Torrentshell is the best raincoat for all-around use since it is so adaptable and such a great bargain.

3. Arc’teryx Zeta

Look no farther than the Arc’teryx Zeta for a high-quality ultralight jacket that will endure for ages. It is one of the lightweight jackets in the series, yet the superior materials feel far more robust than other coats of comparable weight.

We adore the sleek aesthetic and comfy fit of the Zeta, which users have worn anywhere from the peak of a mountainside to an urban area. The Zeta is a tad pricey, but its endurance and design make it worth the price tag.

4. Montbell Versalite

Because of its small weight, the Montbell Versalite soon became our preferred rain jacket for lightweight travels. Nonetheless, it does not skimp on basics like hand pouches and pocket zips.

The Versalite, like other ultralight equipment, is constructed of thin fabrics, so you will have to be a little more gentle with this than you would with a heavier jacket.

Because of the weight reductions, it is one of the greatest options for activities like trekking and backpacking. Furthermore, the Versalite has very fair pricing for a quality lightweight jacket, and we strongly suggest it to anybody wishing to reduce pack weight.

5. Marmot Bantamweight

The Marmot Bantamweight is the best weight-saving solution for people looking for wind and rain coverage without adding bulk to their bags.

We have been delightfully impressed by how simple it is to remain somewhat cool when wearing it during cardio because of the breathable stretch fabric.

Durability is not the Bantamweight’s strong point due to its relatively small weight. However, if you are prepared to be a little cautious to prevent snags, you will adore how liberated you feel in it.

6. Outdoor Research Helium

The Outdoor Research Helium rain suit is among the most inexpensive alternatives.

Improvements to the design have resulted in a more sleek fit, improved waterproofing, and longer lifespans.

The only drawback is that it lacks hand pockets, although this may be simply solved by packing waterproof gloves on wet occasions.

Ultralight equipment may be costly, and when you have a bunch to buy, it is critical to make every penny count. That is exactly what Helium does! It is basic yet high-quality, and it is a great deal.

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