Rain Jacket Recommendations for 2022

In such a crowded market, so it might be tough to locate the ideal rain jacket. However, there are many low-cost coats that will keep you dry and comfy.
There are several excellent alternatives built with fit, mobility, and comfort in mind. So you do not have to put up with a constricting or plasticky rain jacket.
In milder weather, a lightweight jacket that takes up little space in your pack is all you need to give essential protection. If the prediction is for continuous rain and you will be …

Down Jacket Recommendations for 2022

When we step out into the snow, it is all too easy for us featherless creatures to start feeling like snowmen. Fortunately, down coats exist, allowing us to spend more time in the cold outdoors in comfort.
Down and synthetic coats are compact, packable, and extremely effective in retaining body heat. For these reasons, they have become our favorite items of trekking and everyday use clothes.
Weight and packability should be the top considerations when purchasing a down jacket. It is critical to keep weight to a minimum when partaking in activities such as trekking and backpacking.
If you want a coat that packs down …