4 Common Solar-powered Tent Setups

Gone are the days when you had to give up electricity during camping. These days, solar-powered tents are becoming the latest trend. They come in different styles and setups, and you can even create a DIY solar-powered tent easily. Explore these standard solar-powered tent setups to know the best for your camping needs.
1. DIY Solar-powered Tents
As the name indicates, these are solar-powered tents that you can easily set up yourself. They’re affordable, and all you have to do is infuse some solar panels with your regular camping…

The Ultimate Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp Review

When going for a backpacking trip, a headlamp is undoubtedly essential. This will help you to get through the terrains at night and even peruse through the map without much difficulty. There are many types of headlamps on the market, and finding the most suitable can be daunting.
Of all the choices available, the Black Diamond Spot is among our preferred trekking headlamps. This is because it is powerful, has a long light life, and is packed with useful features. And for around $40, it is a deal for such a strong and long-lasting light.
It has always been a reliable product, and it has had some great tweaks and enhancements …