Best Camping Cookware for 2022

You have come to the right spot if you are looking for new camping cookware. On routes all around the world, our outdoor professionals have used a number of cooking sets to prepare countless meals.

We extensively examined and tested the finest camping cookware on the market to compile this shortlist. These recommendations are completely unbiased, and our main objective is to assist our readers in choosing gear they will like for many years of outdoor usage.

First and foremost, when it comes to cooking cookware, we prioritize weight and size. It is critical to keep your cookware as lightweight and tiny as possible, especially if you will be trekking long distances or handling large elevation changes.

In the bush, we usually only bring a small, lightweight saucepan with a cover, a mug, and a spoon. We choose cookware that fits together and can accommodate a stove, torch, and a tiny fuel canister within. If the item can contain a spoon and other attachments, it gets extra points.

Just that little cooking set will save you room in your backpack. Nonetheless, you should calculate how much liquid you will need to warm at one moment.

You may need at least two cups of water when cooking outdoor meals. So, for solo travelers who do not cook much, a small pot is best. Larger cookware will be handier if you plan on cooking for numerous people or if you want to heat water for a warm beverage and a dish at the same time.

You will also need to consider the material of the cookware. Titanium is great for ultralight trekking since it is both light and sturdy. Aluminum is also incredibly lightweight, inexpensive, and has a good heat distribution. It is robust but not as long-lasting as steel. The most durable material is stainless steel, although it is heavy and liable to hot spots.

Nonetheless, some hiking cooking sets come in a package with a backpacking stove, which might save you money if you require both. If you already have certain products that you enjoy, it may make more sense to buy parts separately to create personalized cookware.

1. Snow Peak Mini Solo

The Snow Peak Mini Solo is one of our favorite lightweight backpacking packs. It appeals to us since it is basic, sleek, and extremely light. It has a little greater capacity than typical hiking pots. It is also one of the handful pot sets that comes with a titanium mug, which offers a lot of value and explains the pricing.

The cup sits on the pot’s outside, allowing you to place a tiny fuel canister, a burner, and some peripherals within. This combination is especially ideal for trekking with a companion.

With this pot, you will have three containers—one to hot heat water for meals and two to sip beverages while you wait. Unfortunately, the Mini Solo strikes a good blend of flexibility and efficiency for long-distance travel and will survive for many years of travel.

2. TOAKS Titanium

If you are searching for the ideal blend of weight and toughness for hiking, a simple titanium pot is unbeatable. Because of its exceptional value and small design, the TOAKS Titanium Pot has long been a favorite in the outdoor scene.

Titanium is more pricey than other metals because it is harder and more expensive to produce, yet this TOAKS Pot is almost half the price of many other titanium containers. It is not all-inclusive equipment like some others, but it is a fantastic starting point for an efficient, lightweight cook system. A fuel canister, a small camping stove, and a lighter may all be readily accommodated inside. The pot is also available in two other sizes.

3. SOTO Thermostack Combination

The SOTO Thermostack Combo is all about adaptability and good thermal insulation efficiency. It comes with three containers that may be deployed in a variety of ways.

The larger titanium pot and top cover can be used on their own for ultralight journeys, all while accommodating a fuel canister and stove within it. The two cups may be joined to produce a double-wall mug.

The Thermostat is an excellent purchase for anybody who values quality, efficiency, and having alternatives. We prefer to couple it with the SOTO Windmaster, a high-efficiency wind-resistant stove.

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