Backpacking Stove Recommendations for 2022

If you are traveling into the wilderness for the night and intend to eat more than snacks and protein bars, you will need a device to cook your meal.

A camping stove is a must-have item for any traveler. The great news is that newer versions are lighter, smaller, and more economical than ever before.

You must first decide what kind of stove you require based on your circumstances. Canister burners are the most prevalent and practical, as well as the most simple to use.

Liquid fuel heaters, on the other hand, are the most economical for travels at high altitudes or in cooler temperatures. Wood stoves are also convenient since the fuel may be found in the forest.

Solid fuel and ethanol stoves are often inexpensive and lightweight. Unfortunately, they are hard to control, have long boil times, and perform poorly in the wind.

Many stoves are inexpensive and easy to operate, while some might cost well over a hundred dollars.

However, if you intend to backpack frequently, it typically makes sense to invest a bit more money on a stove that you will use many times.

1. MSR PocketRocket 2

The MSR PocketRocket 2 is a lightweight, small, and long-lasting stove that will not break the bank. For many years, this burner has been a staple among backpackers.

The PocketRocket 2 offers excellent simmer regulation, is compact, and quickly boils water. While it is not a complete cooking apparatus, MSR does sell it in the form of a Stove Kit.

The Deluxe edition is available if you desire an improved version. It includes a push-button heating element and a pressure regulator to aid in low temperatures and high altitudes.

2. Jetboil Flash

While interconnected stoves are not the lightest option for traveling, they are by far the simplest and most handy. The Jetboil Flash is among the most economical and trustworthy alternatives in this category.

Because the Flash lacks a simmer setting, it is best suited for swiftly boiling water. This should be sufficient for most travelers to cook dehydrated breakfasts and have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Check out the Jetboil MiniMo if you want simmer control and other excellent enhancements. However, if all you need is a quick and trustworthy backpack stove, the Flash is a great alternative and a fantastic budget buy.

3. BRS 3000T


The BRS 3000T is about as inexpensive as they get if you are searching for a really inexpensive and lightweight stove that will work for you and your companion.

While the BRS stove is not as reliable as many of the other burners on this list, it is done the job. The BRS does not seem extremely durable, so use it with caution, but for the budget and lightweight, it is a good alternative for hikers and backpackers.

This stove does not have many frills, but it is ideal if you just need something inexpensive and compact to get the work done.

4. LiteMax Snow Peak

The Snow Peak Litemax camping stove is one of the tiniest and most portable on the market.

This small workhorse can boil a liter of water in under five minutes and then folds up neatly to fit into almost any cookpot when you are finished.

To minimize balancing concerns, this stove’s tiny burner usually works with pots with a volume of one liter or a little less. It is tiny enough to fit into most cookpots and comes with a little fuel canister.

Heat will be focused predominantly on the middle of your pot due to the tiny size of the burner head. This implies that heating water will take a little longer.

Whether you need a low boil for a dry meal or you are a bush chef who wants to slow cook your culinary creations, Litemax can manage it.

5. Soto Windmaster

The Soto Windmaster is a high-efficiency stove that excels in windy circumstances.

This potent little stove heats up rapidly. It was also substantially quieter than many of the other stoves in the category.

It is convenient because it can be altered to fit a variety of pots and may be used with the accompanying prong adapter.

While it is somewhat larger than some of our other top canister burners, it is still pretty manageable and delivers a lot of power into such a little compact.

It may be used in conjunction with Soto’s Thermostack Combo cook set. A 750 ml pot, a pair of cups, tongs to lift your pot, and a fabric sack that serves as a pot cozy are included in the package to keep your supper warm.

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