4 Common Solar-powered Tent Setups

Gone are the days when you had to give up electricity during camping. These days, solar-powered tents are becoming the latest trend. They come in different styles and setups, and you can even create a DIY solar-powered tent easily. Explore these standard solar-powered tent setups to know the best for your camping needs.

1. DIY Solar-powered Tents

As the name indicates, these are solar-powered tents that you can easily set up yourself. They’re affordable, and all you have to do is infuse some solar panels with your regular camping tents. They make an ideal choice, especially if you’ll be moving around a lot. Ideally, DIY solar-powered tents use portable solar panels to provide power at night.

Additionally, they are lightweight making them a perfect backpacking tent. However, it’s recommended that you get a power bank as the solar panel may not be strong enough to power all your devices.

2. Van-life Solar Tent Combo

Van-life solar-powered tents are bulkier and excellent for regular on-the-road traveling. They work by using power from the sun and your vehicle to function. These tents come in two styles: the Rooftop and the Tailgate style. The rooftop style is placed directly on the top of the vehicle.

While this is an efficient way to get maximum power supply, it takes up the roof space. On the other hand, Tailgate tents are fixed at the back of the vehicle and make it easier to power your device using the car’s USB ports.

The great thing with Van-life Solar Tents is that you can always charge the solar panels with power from the vehicle’s battery.

3. Eco-Glamping/Canvas Solar-powered Tents

Glamping tent with light

Canvas solar-powered tents offer the full benefits of comfortable living even while outdoors. They are made of solid materials that make it easy to mount the solar panels on the roof without falling off. There’s also enough space to accommodate a significant amount of people.

These tents come with powerful solar panels that can charge and power many devices, including a television or refrigerator. Canvas solar-powered tents are an excellent choice for many people who intend to spend a long time in a remote area.

4. Genuine Solar-Powered Tents

Genuine Solar powered tents are supposedly the future of solar-powered tents. They have an autonomously solar system and panel already incorporated into the production of the tent.

These tents have solar threads embedded in the tent’s fabric. It doesn’t require setting up an additional solar panel. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about saving power as these tents can carry out this function independently. They are foldable and very easy to set up.

Due to their sleek design, these solar-powered tents do not take up as much space as other types of solar tents. Genuine solar-powered tents function quite well on their own, as there’s a touch LCD screen that acts as the control center of the entire tent.

You don’t have to worry about cold nights as these tents come with a feature that automatically heats the tent at night, keeping you snug and warm. You also get to charge your electronic devices using the charging pouch embedded with the tent. While this sounds futuristic and amazing, Genuine Solar Powered Tents are not commercially available in large quantities.

They are usually limited, making purchasing difficult because they’re considered luxurious.

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